Ensure all flammable materials are kept well away from a lit candle.

Keep the candle wick trimmed to around 5mm.  A long wick can cause a candle to smoke.

Keep your candles away from children and pets.

Always allow the melt pool of your burning candle to reach the sides of the candle glass.  Not allowing it to do so is the reason candles “tunnel”.

Keep your lit candles out of draughts and away from other heat sources (such as other lit candles) it will cause them to flicker and smoke.

Never, never leave a lit candle unattended – it really is not worth taking the risk ever.

If at any time you encounter a problem with a candle purchased from us please let us know so we can do our very best to resolve it.

AND most importantly – Enjoy your candle it is made with care, dedication and love.