• Private Label

    We can now offer hand poured batches of candles with your own private label on them.

    Our usual high quality soya wax candles which you have scented in your choice of fragrance or unscented.  Perhaps with your business name on the candles – they would make beautiful corporate gifts.

    Interested – use our Contact Page and we will come right back to you.

  • What’s in our candles?

    We have been making candles for several years now.  Driven by our need to find a safe product we could use at home.  Something that wouldn’t make us feel ill, that didn’t leave a waxy, sooty mess on walls and ceilings – imagine what your lungs are taking in!

    After a lot of trial and error and an enormous amount of fun, our candles are looking, smelling and burning great.

    What’s in them?

    Pure creamy 100% soya wax – no paraffin at all ever!

    Premium candle fragrance – sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

    Cotton wicks – no paraffin wax coating on them.

    That’s it – no dye, no glitter, no mica.

  • Do you know?

    Do you love scented candles?  Do you ever suffer from headaches or generally feel unwell when you have one burning?  Do you know that a lot of shop bought candles are made from paraffin wax?   Even those well known, high end designer candle makers do, in the main, use paraffin wax or as some of them now call it mineral wax.

    This could be one of the reasons some candles can make you feel headachy when you are burning them.  After all paraffin wax is derived from petroleum waste – producing benzene and toluene chemicals which are toxic.

    Add to that any fumes given off by the candles dyes and some of the fragrances too and you could be breathing in a nasty combination of chemicals.

    So what to do?  Try one of ours.  All our ingredients are carefully sourced and tested by us.  Only the very best will do. All hand poured in small batches, made with care and pride.

    High end, luxury, creamy, soya wax, scented candles without the high end price tag.